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Children Neurology Specialist in Florida

Capernaum Medical Center is a medical center specialized in neurology in the state of Florida focusing on teenagers and early infancy. We help our patients improve their development with specialized and modern treatments. We firmly believe that family support is part of our patients’ progress and we want you to make yourself at home with Capernaum.

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Experienced Professional

We count on highly trained staff in pediatric neurology and we specialize in diverse neurological conditions delivering integrated services for cases that come from head injuries to genetic and neuromuscular diseases. Our commitment is to deliver specialized attention for an effective intervention with the patient.

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Mission and Vision

Our mission at Capernaum Medical Center and our affiliates are to provide exceptional care to our patients and their families. We want to give our greatest effort to improve the quality of life and the understanding of everyone involved in the patient’s care.

Our vision is to do all of these while maintaining a high level of respect and compassion for each unique person and situation requiring our services. We strive to become leaders in healthcare by improving the health of the community, families, and individuals.

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